Maram Borhan

Maram Borhan is a couture luxury house founded in 2017, specializing in bridal and evening gowns. Known for her knack for connecting elements through creating textural mixes, the designer specializes in lush, feminine creations that breathe magnetism into their wearer.

Inspired by her travels and elements found in nature, the designer finds it imperative to usher in a new, imaginative component with every collection she releases. Intricate embroidery, weightless hues, and a fusion of modern and chic come together to define the essence of her designs.

First venturing into the world of fashion when she opened the doors to The Boutique in 2009, designer Maram Borhan has since grown her namesake label to the point where her designs are immediately recognizable.

The designer marked her entrance into the business of couture through retail, learning the art of design on-the-job through collaborating with numerous labels for her boutique’s collections before launching her brand and consolidating herself as one of the biggest names in Egypt’s local couture scene.


Maram the Label

Maram The Label is the ready-to-wear line launched by luxury couture house Maram Borhan.

Maintaining Borhan’s signature feminine mystique, the line is the high-street sister label of the couture brand. With the release of the label’s first collection in 2020, the RTW brand’s entry into the market marked a huge success for designer Maram Borhan in translating her trademark style into casual wear.

The RTW line is a taste of the same refinement and grandeur that Maram Borhan couture implants in the wearer, elevating their demeanour to higher savoir faire, even if just for a casual event.